Local 1 monthly membership meeting will be held tonight on Wednesday November 15, 2023 at 6pm.

More information regarding the meeting is posted on our calandar section!

Brothers and Sisters of Local #1,

Our hearts and prayers are with everyone as they go through this tragic and devasting wildfires. We continue to stand and stay strong to support our Local #1 brothers and sisters!



The Local #1 HI, IUBAC Union will maintain an out of work list that will be renewed two (2) times a year.

Attention Local 1 IUBAC Bricklayers Union Hawai’i !!!

Holiday gift 2022 for members has already begun.

Please swing by our office to pick up your gift or call our office to place in an order to pick it up. 

Congratulations to our very own Local #1 members, Kekoa Namohala (Brick) and Clark Domingo (Cement) for representing our union at the International Compeition in Boston this year!

Congratulations to Kekoa Kamuela Namohala for winning the Western Region Apprenticeship Contest 2022 held in Los Angeles.

Check out this picture below to read more. 

Activate your free USA membership for your chance to win!

LAST DAY TO ENTER: March 31, 2022

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  • All membership meeting on all islands are canelled until futher notice.
  • Our office will be closed to the public and only staff will be allowed inside.  A reception desk has been setup in front of the main entrance doors for all paperwork that must be done in person.

Attached link to the 2019 Western States Apprenticeship Contest held in Hawaii.

 Help protect our apprenticeship and training programs. Please comment on the link below.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We need your help to defend our BAC apprenticeship programs against the biggest threat they've ever faced.