Local 02 Washington/Idaho/Montana

Local 02 Washington/Idaho/Montana is looking to hire 20 Bricklayers.

Several contractors hiring for schools, hospitals, retail, and apartments/condos.  Work looks long term


Travel Pay or Per Diem:  NO

Basic Hourly Wage:  $39.46

IU Pension:   $1.43       IU Annuity:   NONE

H&W:   $7.25       Local Pension:   $6.38      Local Annuity:  0

Total Package:  $55.82         Other Fringes:    $1.30         Deductions:  $3.37

Is H&W Reciprocated?   YES            Is Pension Reciprocated?    YES

If interested please contact Local 1 office or contact listed below

Local Contact Person:  Benny Wright          Local Contact Number: (206) 714-3805